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Headstones Drop New Single & Lyric Video

Headstones fans were given an nice surprise today, as the band drop their new single Leave It All Behind” from their upcoming new album, due out this autumn.

This new single is true Headstones rock and roll, it’s hard, loud and obnoxious, everything fans love about this band.

Hugh Dillon’s vocals are exceptional and the guitar riff, that you can’t mistake as Trent Carr’s, is all complimented by the thumping bass line provided by Tim White.

But the stand-out for me is how this is all held together by the exceptional skills of the bands relatively new drummer Jesse Labovitz, who keeps the rocking tempo and crazy energy all the way through, from the count in at the beginning to the very last note.

Along with the single the band have release a ground roots, classic punk rock black and white lyric video, which you can view below.

This is the Headstones continuing on the same road as their last album “Little Army” producing true rock and roll songs that don’t fall short, and if the rest of the songs on the new album are of this vein, then the sky’s the limit.

You can download it here NOW:

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Happy Friday Headstones fans, enjoy.