Headstones ‘PEOPLESKILLS’ gets JUNO nod

© Gordon Hawkins

2019 saw the release of the Headstones brand new hard hitting album “Peopleskills”, and today it was announced that it has been nominated for Rock Album of the Year by The JUNO Awards.

It will be the bands first album available on vinyl, and has the bonus track their ingenious cover of the Gordon Lightfoot song ‘The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.’

In true Headstones tradition it’s full of banging guitar riffs, thumping bass lines, raging backbeats and exceptional lyrics

It opens is the first single release, ‘Leave It All Behind,’ it’s fierce, tight and full of that original punk rock energy that only this band always bring to the table, no wonder it is sitting at No.5 in the Billboard Charts.

The next 3 tracks continue in the same vein ‘Dimes And Pennies’ has an amazing aggressive guitar riff and an in your face rawness, ‘Damned’ is a total ear worm that packs a punch that just won’t leave you alone, add the exceptional Dillon vocals which are just a little more polished and harmonica it’s one of my favourites off the album. ‘Horses” is a little less hard but just compliments the other tracks with a slight change of pace, but totally holds its own.

Motorcade’ is a cinematic bluesy song, that is a true work of genius, combining strings, acoustic guitar and powerful thought provoking lyrics you just can’t help losing yourself in, it just shows how talented this band are, with writing and producing something so different. Hands down one of my all time favourite Headstones tracks.

Things get ramped back up with ‘Caught In A Loop,’ ‘Best You Can Do,’ and ‘Dark Side of the Doomed,’ which has catchy lyrics and gives a nice little reference to “Little Army.”

The heaviest track by far is ‘By Sunday,” it’s brutally hard hitting and the energy is ramped up by a thousand it’s a driven song that should only be played loud.

This new album is one of the best this band has produced, it is all round authentic, pure and delivered by musicians who know their craft and know exactly where they are going and how they want to get there, because at the end of the day they worked to earn their right to it. They leave nothing behind and always give everything and it always shows, with a 18 date coast to coast tour starting end of June.