New Headstones Video Release

In these difficult times there are a number of bands reaching out to fans and connecting with encouraging messages, none more so than the Headstones, who yesterday released another video instalment from their critically acclaimed album ‘Peopleskills.’

Motorcade’ is track 5 off the album, and is a total contrast to their usual heavy, nonsense piss and vinegar rock songs, and in the current climate, it also comes with the advice that “This song is best enjoyed indoors and away from others.”

It’s slower and the opening acoustic guitar chords grab hold from the first note, the strings are outstanding and preformed by Leslie Dawn Knowles of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, add Dillon’s soulful vocals into the mix, and it makes it a haunting and reflective song. It is truly a cinematic experience.

The video is clean, simple and beautiful filmed, capturing everyday life in New York City while the very poignant lyrics for today’s events slowly roll pass the scenes, it’s captivating and gives true meaning to the saying that less is more.

With ‘Peopleskills’ being the band’s first full length album released on vinyl last month, listening to this track will be made even more special, and true testament to just how diverse and talented this band are.